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Creating employment opportunities for our suppliers who also work with the vulnerable in Tanzania.

Aug 15, 2018 - 0 comments
Not only are we employing over 120 people with disabilities in Tanzania but we are also creating employment opportunities for our suppliers who also work with the vulnerable.  The new fabric we use to make our washbags is made by a co-operative based in Ifakara. The cotton is grown and Spun in the Tabora region and then dyed in Arusha to our colour specification. It is then hand woven on floor counter-mache looms at home in the villages and then collected and delivered to us at Neema. The lady who organizes all this is called Kalista and she says that she has trained 40 weavers, mainly youths and her business provides these people with much needed employment in rural areas where there is very little for them to do. 

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