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Fairtrade at Neema Crafts

Feb 27, 2017 - 0 comments

Fairtrade at Neema

Neema Crafts would like to thank all our customers for their support by offering  20% off all items online during Fairtrade Fortnight 27th February – 12th March.

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual campaign organised by the Fairtrade Foundation to increase the awareness of fair trade products and the people who produce them. Artisans like those trained and employed by Neema in Tanzania.

However at Neema we don’t treat being “Fair Trade” as simply being some sort of marketing ploy for a couple of weeks a year.  Instead it’s the way we aim to be in every aspect of our business dealings.  We always aim to treat our workers, customers and suppliers in the same way we would like to be treated.

We strive  to ensure that every product we supply is produced in accordance with the following World Fair Trade Organization principles:

1.  We create opportunities for the most economically disadvantaged workers. Currently we employ over 120 people with disabilities in Tanzania.

2.  We aim to act with transparency and accountability in all our dealings.

3.  We follow fair trade practices in our dealings.  For example, we purchase as many raw materials locally as possible and make payment to our suppliers as soon as they are due (if not sooner).  We build long-term relations with suppliers, ensuing they have a dependable source of income.

4.  We pay a fair price for our raw material and other costs. 

5.  We do not tolerate child labour or forced labour in any way.

6.  We do not tolerate discrimination of any type including faith and actively promote equality for people with disabilities. 

7.  We ensure good working conditions.  This includes Health and Safety issues, working hours and general working conditions. We provide additional services for our staff including physiotherapy, mobility aides, and more recently have introduced a staff house building project. Being at Neema doesn’t just provide our staff with employment but also social activities like our staff football team.

8. We help our employes to build capacity.  This means we work with employees to develop management skills, productions capabilities and provide business training for those seeking to progress to self-employment.

9.  We promote fair trade generally.  In the UK our online shop plays an active part as a member of the  British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. 

10.  We also respect the environment.  Many of our products use recycled materials (such as our recycled paper) and we  reuse packing materials wherever possible. Our wooden goods are made from sustainable teak grown locally.

We are offering the 20% off as a way of thanking all our customers for their continuing support (the more we sell the more disabled artisans we can employ) and to highlight Fairtrade Fortnight and the important message behind it.




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