Neema Crafts Online Shop

Neema Crafts Ltd is the trading arm of the UK charity, Neema Crafts Workshop. We are based in Bath and run by a volunteer director Susan Tomes. Sales through our on-line shop and at craft fairs help support employment at the project in Iringa. We operate with low overheads send all of our profits back to Tanzania to support the work of project, in particular the staff housing scheme.

Susan’s background is in working with young people with special educational needs, especially in helping them to move from full time education into employment.

Susie Hart, the founder of Neema Crafts, invited Susan and her husband Nick (who has a severe hearing impairment) to work at the project in Iringa. Susan instantly realised how life is even more difficult for people with disabilities in Tanzania and the challenges they face over employment, housing and being accepted by their community.

So what could she do to help? Susan and Katy Ray the current director decided to set up the Neema Crafts online shop. Susan has been fortunate enough to visit Tanzania several times since and works closely with Katy on this chapter of the Neema story.